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ASC is not a youth movement. It is an organised, structured, yet flexible and adaptable scheme of activities. It is multi-faith and open to all cultures. It is unique in that it offers its services to leaders and teachers who wish to meet the needs of a wide ability range of young people. Those taking part are not in competition with each other, their progress is assessed on the measure of their own personal achievement.

The ASC scheme is used by

– Schools, Youth Clubs and Uniformed Organisations
– Churches and other Religious Bodies,
– Special Needs Groups and
– “unattached” groups of young people

ASC consists of Junior Stages 1 and 2 (generally aimed at ages 8 to 11) and Senior Stages 1 and 2 (aimed at 11 to 14+). Each Stage comprises 8 activities.

The ASC scheme provides headteachers and teachers (in Primary, Middle and Secondary schools) with a progressive programme of activity for a wide ability range to motivate young people with creative activities. Many of the activities of ASC are inter-related and lend themselves to being integrated into work under the National Curriculum. The teacher, knowing the ability of individual students, can match each of their potentials with the ASC syllabus. There is no outside body regulating a definitive standard of achievement. The teacher alone is the judge of the standard, experience and achievement of each student. The ASC scheme also provides a structure and programme of activities for out-of-school-hours clubs and is particularly applicable to extended school situations.

The ASC scheme provides leaders and teachers with a flexible, adaptable programme of activities to meet the needs of those with special needs, be they learning difficulties, problems of social exclusion, emotional disturbance, deprivation or other special needs in rural, urban and inner-city areas. ASC members are not in competition with each other, and the flexibility of the scheme allows the leader to set targets, even down to an individual basis, taking into account the circumstances of the individual or group. Thus the members with special needs are not required to strive for goals which are impossible for them. The ASC scheme is complete in itself. Because there are no “outside” standards to attain, the members’ sense of progress is achieved by the measure of their experience in the ASC activities. Only the leader/teacher, who knows them individually, can assess this.

COG Youth Services can deliver any of the scheme levels. We provide a ‘Pick n Mix’ style of scheme programmes where you can decide if there are aspects of the programme you would prefer to manage and save money in the process.

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